at North Star High School

Steady growth in the aviation industry means right now is a great time to consider a career in aviation.

About Our Program

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Power Mechanics

Course #4750

Experience hands-on opportunities to disassemble,
maintain, troubleshoot, and repair small gas engines
in accordance with industry standards. Practice skills
industry professionals establish to excel in their
careers, to ensure the integrity of each engine.

Aviation i

Course #96661

Learn about aircraft components, control surfaces,
and the 4 forces of flight. Explore in-demand aviation
industry careers and some hands-on skills aviation
mechanics rely on. Manufacture a hot air balloon,
airfoil, hydraulic robot, and work with sheet metal.

Aviation II

Course #96662

Develop a deeper understanding of hydraulic systems,
sheet metal manufacturing, the 4 forces of flight, and
aircraft configurations. Get a hands on introduction to
reading technical drawings, electrical systems and
using the arc welding process to tack metal

Choose One

Advanced Aviation Flight

Course #96663

Build a foundation of good flying habits using
simulated flight instruction. In this class, you’ll learn
to think like a pilot, perform pre-flight checks, explore
airport operations, air traffic control, and the role
weather plays in safe flight operations.

Advanced Aviation Maintenance

Course #9669

Explore the nuts and bolts of an Aircraft Maintenance
Technician career, including basic maintenance skills,
aircraft documentation, ground operations,
electronics, hydraulics, fluid lines and fittings, sheet
metal, and arc welding.

Aviation Internship

Course #93633

Explore the aviation industry under the supervision of
Duncan Aviation’s best airframe & powerplant
technicians. Learn new skills, complete job shadows,
and perform hands-on work while you earn 10 credits
during the school day.