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Steady growth in the aviation industry means right now is a great time to consider a career in aviation.

Helping students’ careers take flight!

There is no better time to learn about the many careers necessary to advance a safe, secure, and high-tech aviation industry. Enjoy opportunities to interact with experts from the aviation industry and learn about the well-paying and unlimited opportunities that exist after high school graduation. Our new hanger-style shop expansion means more realistic experiences with tools, trades, and equipment. Make sure you’re prepared to make decisions about life after high school, with help from the North Star Aviation & Technical Education Focus Program.

Aviation is a career of curiosity, personal fulfillment, and lifelong learning. The diversity of the field is simply amazing. With maintenance, operation, design, engineering, and all of the practical applications of science, physics, and math, this is a field of endless opportunities

True North Star; this Nebraska high school is aiming for the sky

Lincoln, Nebraska’s North Star High School introduced AOPA’s You Can Fly aviation STEM curriculum in 2019, and instructor Amanda Woodward (below) has guided the program to new heights.


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Who Can Attend?

The program is open to high school students of all grades. Applications are accepted year-round.